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New story available: “Deus exed”

I’m excited to appear once again in the webpages of Nature with “Deus exed,” a story about an AI that’s believed to be a god and the false prophet who controls them. You know, real Steven stuff. Like with my last story in Nature, I was very eager to see Jacey’s original art for this story, and holy guacamole it’s perfect.

In the story notes, I mention the intro to StarCraft: Brood War as a key inspiration for the feel of Deus exed. After reading, I recommend watching the 4-minute video yourself. It has apparently been living rent-free in my brain for decades, and rewatching it for the first (and second, and third) time in 20 years still gives me chills.

The Mario Party Method for Goal Tracking

A whiteboard with a star count of 7 and a coin count of 25
My stars and coins at the beginning of August.

Since last year, I’ve been using Mario Party-inspired shorthand for tracking some of my short fiction-related writing goals. I “collect” a star every time I write a story and a coin every time I submit a story, a simple technique that works for me because my gamer brain loves gamification. Read more about it on Medium.