New story available: “Selling One’s Self on a Multi-Dimensional Marketing Scheme”

I’m thrilled to have a new story, “Selling One’s Self on a Multi-Dimensional Marketing Scheme,” published in Daily Science Fiction. I’ve been reading Daily Science Fiction for years, and so to see my name come through in their daily newsletter was very exciting.

I first drafted this story during a Codex flash contest last year. After noodling over the mechanics of a multi-dimensional multi-level marketing scheme, the story itself fell into place quickly as soon as I realized that the easiest path to success would be to simply sell to yourself, which is right where the story starts:

After Bas signed up to be a distributor for Healinair, he asked his uprift for tips on cold calling through the multiverse.

His uprift–who was also Bas, but from a parallel dimension–laughed.

“Don’t waste your time. The training materials suggest starting with friends and family, but here’s a question. Why not start with yourself? After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?”

A frequent criticism of MLMs is that the market is oversaturated: There are too many sellers, and not enough buyers. If there were infinite universes, this specific problem would vanish. But a multiverse would only further obfuscate who’s really actually making money, and how many “business owners” are actually just customers.

If you’d like to learn more about MLMs, check out r/antiMLM. Bonus: My story was posted there, so I say: Write the stories you want to see picked up by the subreddits you love.