It’s been a year: 2022 in review

Once again, it’s been a year (and then some). Looking back, it felt like three. The pandemic has really screwed with life’s pacing. A lot of ’20 and ’21 could have been cut, but ’22 needed to slow wayyyy down. After a rip-roaring January, ’23 shows no sign of learning this lesson.

Writing-wise, it was a banner year for submissions. I sent out 47 subs, comfortably topping 2020’s record 39 subs. 2020 still holds the belt for stories drafted, though. In Mario Party Method terms, I collected 6 stars (stories drafted) and 47 coins (submissions).

6 stars, 47 coins

It’s been a while since my last story was published, but stay tuned, because I’ve got a new one coming out very soon…

A couple of recommendations for things I really enjoyed this year:

  • American Horror Story: NYC stuck the landing and left me in tears. No matter where you may have dropped off in the wild world of AHS, come back for NYC.
  • Speaking of sticking the landing, Better Call Saul. I’ve never felt as tense watching a TV show as I did in a certain moment toward the end of the series.
  • Inscryption is unlike anything I’ve played before. Just buy it and start playing.
  • Rollerdrome is an ultra-stylish tale of a violent sports competition in a rising police state. It’s also Tony Hawk with guns.